Personalized adhesive tapes 75x66mt format. Ribbons with acrylic glue recommended for direct use on paper and cardboard boxes with particularly heavy contents. The characteristics of adhesiveness and elasticity and the greater resistance to tearing, make the product excellent for packaging, guaranteeing perfect closing anchorage.

Quantity Price roll
144 75mm rolls. x 66mt. (3 box from 48 rt.)
€ 2,90+ VAT
28850mm rolls. x 66mt. (6 box from 48 rt.)
2,50+ VAT

Send us the high resolution EPS, PDF or JPG graphics with the data you want to be printed: we will offer you a draft of the tape and, following your acceptance, we will proceed with printing.

FREE graphic design. FREE TENDINASTRO. Shipping in only 4 days throughout Italy!

Custom printing up to 3 colors (Euro 25,00 + VAT one-off photo-polymer cost for each color, for the third color + 20% starting from 360 rolls).

The offer includes the cost for graphic production, the cliché (films and polymers for printing) and printed rolls of tape.

Guide to using adhesive tape. The performance characteristics of self-adhesive tapes are maintained for a period of time that is generally not less than 12 months. The storage temperature must be between 15 and 35 ° C. Otherwise, they must be brought to the highlighted temperatures before use. In addition, dusty environments reduce the anchoring capacity of adhesive tapes.

NB: The last 1 / 2 meters of the tape are not printed for technical reasons.

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